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Where have I been (returning)

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Posted 27 August 2015 - 07:04 PM

So, there's been a big drop in active members recently, and the cc on RS has been very empty, i guess there are realities and people get on with life, but prehaps time for a recrutment drive!


Anyway, some of the few long-time members may remember that in the real world Im a Graphics student, and a Cycalist. 

This season (2015) I signed for a team called Bottecchia UK, who offerd me a free bike, all the kit and gear, and a place amongst a national compettative road racing team.


This season I have had much luck and bad luck in and out of the country, but after a gruelling year I managed to get promoted to Catagory 1.... The catagory system begins with junior levels A ,B,C,D, then a big step up to 4,3,2,1,ELITE.


My friends and family have pushed me to go for an Elite lisence... but like getting a Max cape in rs, the multiplyer effect makes getting levels harder.... MUCH harder... you're fighting against the countries top 10 riders on a regular basis to get points.

So I decided to call it a season early and relax with some pleasure riding and a bit of racing, but Im not ready to gove my life up for the spor just yet..


So I's good to be back on RS, and recently picked up my 99wc and 99rng capes as an incentive to keep playing.


Here's some pics of me in my new gear this season...





(our team has 12 riders, with a few of us in each race supporting one-another)

We call this tight-twisty racing. 'Criterium racing', its short, very fast, and very high risk.






(Unfortunatly this was a bunch sprint for 3rd as there were

2 guys up the road ahead, but it's still points on offer for top 15!)









So, what have you all been up to!!!??




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Posted 27 August 2015 - 08:07 PM

starting college next week as a computer science major(18 credit semester ftw) and chilling on rs/other games



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Posted 28 August 2015 - 12:03 PM

Since you asked.....



On RS, I've been maxed for just over a month now. I've been working on Dungeoneering, currently at 104, but I've been making strides the last few days. I've also been doing a lot of mining at Seren Stones, and pickpocketing elves. So those skills have been gaining lots of xp. I joined another clan and it's going well. There are some awesome people and it's growing every day. If anyone is ever online and wants to chat, I'm more than happy to. just shoot me a PM.


In real life... the softball team I manage won our division playoffs this year. Which has been probably one of the best/proudest moments of my life. Here's some pics from this year: 








Other than that, I'm still playing softball for a couple teams that will go through the fall. My bowling league should be starting up mid September, and volleyball sometime in October. So it should be a great fall/winter season.


I've also settled into my IT job. Been here for over a year now. Some days are slow, some days are busy. But I'm in an office by myself so I can play my music as I desire which makes it nicer.

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