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Let's Play Blade & Soul

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 09:12 AM

Alright I know Mort and PublishingD have a topic suggesting to play Tera but tbh I've not played it in ages and I don't think I will anytime soon.

However the MMOs that are popular at the moment are Blade & Soul and Black Desert Online. I really did want to play the latter but I didn't realise it was using a buy-to-play model (you pay £30/$35 to own the game). While this isn't a big deal for me, others might not want to part with their money on something that has only officially become available in the past few days.

I've played B&S in the beta and it looks and plays similarly to Tera, of course its combat is a little more complex and interesting, it doesn't run like crap and the story quests and cutscenes are all voice acted.

From what I've read and heard, partying up is pretty convenient to getting daily quests done. There are a lot of dungeons to run and while some of them can be soloed, it's a lot faster in a party (ofc).

The game has you upgrading a base weapon from the start and requires you to upgrade it with a suitable weapon for your class. These drop from the dungeons you unlock as you progress through the game however they are heavily RNG based, meaning you can sometimes run a dungeon up to about 10 times before you get the drop you want. Being in a party means that you can trade a drop with someone else who has the one you need. The game has integrated party finding options as well as cross server matchmaking.

I've made this very brief but I've yet to make a character since the beta so I'd like to see if anyone else wants to give this a go too. A server I'd like to suggest is the Taywong server, make sure you select the North America region in the game launcher. The reason for this particular one is that there are two opposing factions you can join in the game, Cerulean Order (blue) and the Crimson Legion (red). They're both evenly numbered at the moment but blue are overall much stronger and organised, and regularly group up to take down a 50 man world boss. Won't matter too much until the end game and you always have the choice to change your faction but there it is.

Feel free to post here or message me on Steam.

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