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Posted 08 August 2011 - 11:42 PM

Quick Link to our Subscriptions Page


Subsistence now offers and Exclusive Member program for anyone who would like to financially support the clan. In summary, this program exists to allow us to pay for our website, our domain name, our forum license, and our Ventrilo server. The Exclusive Member program gives a number of benefits to supporters of the clan in exchange for a very small amount of money. Alternatives to the program would be to load our website with ads or even cut down on the services we offer (such as the Ventrilo server).

What Subsistence has to Pay

The list of expenses we have is not by any means small. Below is an annual list of what we have to pay for each of our services.

  • Website hosting ($120)
  • Domain Name ($10)
  • Forum License ($50)
  • 15 slot Ventrilo server ($60)

Total: $240 a year - as the clan grows, costs are expected to increase slightly, mainly from our Ventrilo server needing to be larger.

Benefits of being an Exclusive Member

Below is a list of the benefits for becoming an exclusive member.

  • Forum Usergroup and Ventrilo Title
  • Access to Exclusive Member-only forums
  • Private Ventrilo channel with channel admin over the channel (gives ability to edit channel name, password, kick users, mute users, and edit settings)
  • General (Gold Star) rank in the clan chat (cosmetic purpose, also gives ability to recruit members into the clan but not kick from the clan chat)
  • Forum usergroup icon
  • Ability to store 500 forum messages (as opposed to 200 for everyone else)
  • Ability to change display name twice every 28 days (as opposed to once)
  • Ability to give more reputation per day
  • 'Behind the scenes' information about clan updates from the leadership (posted in Exclusive Member forum)
  • Voice (+) in our IRC chatroom

Plans & Costs

There are a variety of subscription options for Exclusive Member:

  • 1 month subscription - $2.50 (price is highest due to $0.40 Paypal fee in the transaction)
  • 3 month subscription - $6 ($2.00 per month)
  • 6 month subscription - $11 ($1.83 per month)
  • 1 year subscription - $20 ($1.67 per month)

Payment Options

The only payment gateway we currently use is Paypal. This means that payment can be made through Paypal accounts, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. No other payment methods are accepted at this time.

Click here to go to our Subscriptions Page

Terms of Service

Below are our terms of service.

Subsistence Exclusive Membership - Terms of Service

Purchase of any Exclusive Member subscription package is an implicit agreement that you have read, understand, and agree to our full terms of service.
  • Purchase of a subscription is done automatically through our website (www.clan-subsistence.com/forums/index.php/subscriptions/).
    • Only the listed payment gateways are accepted methods of payment.
    • The automated process may be bypassed and the subscription added manually by an administrator.
  • Your subscription will begin automatically as soon as the payment is confirmed.
    • A confirmation email will be sent to assert that the payment was received and processed.
  • Your subscription will end automatically after the specified time unless it is renewed.
    • You will have a twenty-four (24) hour grace period once your subscription ends to renew it.
    • After the grace period, your forum usergroup, Ventrilo channel, in-game rank, and IRC rank will be reverted to pre-subscription status.
  • Staff positions will retain their staff usergroup as their primary usergroup.
    • Staff Positions include Administrators, Directors, and Sub-Directors.
    • All other usergroups will have their primary usergroup switched to Exclusive Member.
  • Non-Forum Access will be set up by a leader or administrator as needed. This includes private Ventrilo channel, in game rank, and IRC rank.
    • You will have to fill our a form in the Exclusive Member forums to request the creation of your Ventrilo channel.
  • Refunds. A refund may be granted within forty-eight (48) hours of purchase.
    • A refund request must be sent to Christian via forum private message. The message must be sent before the forty-eight hour period ends. The refund will be issued after the request is received.
    • Refunds may be available after the forty-eight hour period at the discretion of a Senior Administrator.
  • Early termination may occur for a variety of reasons.
    • An infringement of the clan rules may result in 'Inmate' status - causing a temporary suspension of exclusive member status. The time spent as an inmate will not be added to the subscription length.
    • Severe infringement of the rules will result in a removal and ban from the clan.
    • No refunds will be issued when early termination occurs.
  • Payment Fraud
    • Entering in a PayPal payment dispute or requesting a payment chargeback will result in immediate subscription termination, no refund, and a permanent ban from the clan.
    • Any other forms of payment fraud will also result in a permanent ban from the clan.

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