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Clan Rules

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 11:07 AM


General Rules

  • Respect others.
    • Making offensive comments about race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.
    • Don't flame others. If you have a disagreement with someone and it can't be resolved civilly, ask a leader to help resolve it.
    • Respect others' opinions. We allow and encourage our members to voice their opinions freely (if done in a respectful way). Don't be a troll and bash them just to start an argument. If you disagree, respond civilly.
  • Do not cyber stalk anyone. For example, if someone lists their email address for clan mates to communicate with them, do not use it to look up their facebook, myspace, etc. and check out their personal info. Violators of this rule will be banned.
  • Do not share the personal info of others. For example, if your neighbor or friend is in the clan, do not share any of his personal info such as his last name, home address, phone number, etc. Expect same punishment as rule #2.
  • Do not use our forums or chats to sell an account or to promote violating Jagex rules. What you do on your own time is your business, just don't use us to do it, please.
  • Do not cheat during clan events or competitions. Ex: botting, multi-logging or multi-clienting, or having a friend train for you.
  • Do not use any botting software. If a clan member admits to botting, or someone submits evidence of a member admitting to botting, they will be banned from the clan (in-game and on the forums).
  • You're responsible for keeping your accounts secure. Do not use your RS login info on the forums or chats. If you share your password with your friend and he/she violates our rules, you will be held accountable.

Forum Rules

  • Do not spam outside of the Spam Stall. Your posts will be deleted. If you do this repeatedly, your post count can be reset, and could have your posting abilities temporarily suspended.
  • Keep controversial discussions in the Debates section. If the topic gets out of hand, it will be closed.
  • No advertising other sites or clans without admin approval first.
  • No links to other clans, porn sites, botting or real-world trading sites in your signatures, profile, or any posts.
  • Keep your signatures around 200 pixels or less in height. We don't need to scroll through a whole page of just your sig. If it looks too large, a mod can ask you to remove it, or an admin will remove it for you.
  • Do not put seriously offensive material in your signature or avatar. This includes porn, seriously offensive language, racist content, etc.
  • No plagiarism. Simply put, don't copy anything posted on our forums elsewhere without permission from the author. Also, do not copy things from other sites claiming it as your own.

Clan Chat/IRC Rules

  • No spamming. If you want to DM in irc, please don't do it while others are actively chatting.
  • If you are checking something with Runescript in irc, use the "!" or "." command instead of "@", unless you are intending to show someone something in particular. We don't want to see a bunch of Runescript spam.
  • Do not use Urban Dictionary publicly when you know the result it gives is seriously offensive.
  • No begging for items or gp.
  • No links to porn or malicious sites.
  • No excessive swearing or sexually explicit language

Ventrilo Rules

  • No screaming or yelling.
  • Do not use offensive or sexually explicit language.
  • Do not leave your talk button on. We don't need to hear your bodily functions, arguing with family, or you eating. The only exception would be if you are asked to DJ in Vent.

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