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Status Change Forms

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Posted 10 January 2012 - 05:52 PM

Please use the form templates below to let us know of any changes to your account. We'd really appreciate this as it helps us keep our information up to date! 
Topic Title: [Name Change]
Old Runescape Name:
Old Forum Name:
New Runescape Name:
New Forum Name:
Runescape Name when you first joined the clan:
Forum Name when you first joined the clan:*Be sure to change your RSN in your profile if you change your name in-game. 
Topic Title: [More Active/Less Active]
Are you becoming more or less active:
Reason (Optional, Leaders must post a reason):
Do you require a rank change? 
Topic Title: [Inactive]
Reason for becoming inactive (Optional, Leaders must post a reason):
Starting Date:
Ending Date:
Do you require a rank change? 
Topic Title: [Leaving Clan]
Are you sure you want to leave the clan:
Leaving Date:(Optional)
If it was due to a problem within the clan, have you contacted a Leader regarding this issue?
Was the Leader contacted able to solve the problem?
What can the clan do to prevent these problems in the future?
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